On accepting a place we will need you to provide information to complete your child/children’s registration form which you need to complete at your child’s/children’s visit.  (Children can’t be left without this completed form).

If at any time the information you provided on this form changes please notify us so we can change it ASAP.

It would help if you informed us of any changes to your normal daily routine as this can often explain when your child is upset or unsettled when coming into a session or during.

Any changes your child may have with health the manager should be notified if treatment is required for example, having grommets fitted, speech therapy, any other medical need as this information is required for passing onto the child’s next session with their profile.

Please note any disruption to any part of your family life might affect how your child reacts to attending the group, a new arrival, bereavement, moving house, new bed and even holidays.

Does your child have any names for specific objects they have or use?

By helping us to explain the rules and boundaries of the group and keeping them in place you are helping us to help your child/children to settle into the group. On arrival encouraged to wipe their feet, walking inside and not to climb on furniture.

You can help us by sharing any anxieties or concerns you may have about the group your child or the staff and anything to do with what we do, we can’t do anything about it if we do not know.

Anything told to us is in confidence and will remain unless otherwise directed by you; all staff must comply with the group’s confidentiality policy.

Please do not ask questions or make any inquiries to the staff outside working hours any such business should take place at the setting to the manager or key workers.