Spring 2018 Newsletter

Spring term 2018 is upon us already! We hope you all had a magical Christmas. We would like to thank all our families for the support shown last term and hope we can enjoy some more times ahead. Spring term brings with it Pancake day, Valentines celebrations, Chinese New Year, World Book Day, Mother’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Easter – so lots of fun learning ahead.

  • Thursday 25th January – Close at 12
  • Friday 9th February – Break up for half term
  • Monday 19th February – Re-open after a week break
  • Thursday 22nd February – Close at 12
  • 1st March – World Book Day
  • Friday 23rd March – Easter Stay & Play – more details to follow
  • Thursday 29th March – Close at 12 Noon and we break up for 2 weeks Easter Holiday
  • Monday 16th April – Re-Open for Summer Term 2018

Please note: any sessions missed because of half day closures can be re-arranged but only in the week that the closure falls, cannot be carried forward.

Loose Parts Play:

Loose parts are any collection of natural or manmade objects that can be used to extend and further ideas in children’s play. They are open-ended materials that can be moved, combined, taken apart, redesigned, lined-up and more!

There is no predetermined use or function. Loose parts are open to a child’s interpretation and creative thinking! A loose part can become anything!

Loose parts encourage open-ended learning. In addition to these activities being fantastic for this fine motor development, it also allows for freedom of expression.

The children enjoy our loose parts play because their curiosity, creativity and imaginations can run wild! It’s amazing watching what they come up with!

Parents Display

Last half-terms adventures are on display outside the front door – an account of the children’s’ learning and activities over the festive term. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy the time with your children

Toys from Home

Toys and children’s comforters should only be brought into nursery to aid settling in or if it is a ‘show and tell’ item from a recent new experience, that they want to share with others at group time.

Contact Details

Please can you ensure we have up to date contact numbers and emergency contact numbers recorded in case of an emergency.


We understand some of you may need to leave pushchairs, bikes and scooters here during your child’s session but may we ask that they are stored around the back of the building but not blocking the through way – as this is a potential fire safety evacuation path.

Please note:

Although we offer flexibility in payment of fees, may we ask that all fees are paid before the end of each term. Invoices are available upon request


Please may we advise that children are dressed in layers of clothing, (or supply a hoody or alternative in their bags) to assist with their regulation of body temperatures. We do have heating on every day in these cold months but not all rooms are heated i.e. cloak room/ bathrooms.


If your child comes to nursery in wellies can you please also supply a change of footwear as we find wellies can be restrictive and not safe when worn indoors.

Name labels:

Please can we remind you that all bags, scarves, coats, gloves, hats, welly boots are all labelled to ensure your child’s belongings are returned at the end of their sessions.


Name: Alison Williamson

Early year’s practitioner

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Favourite drink: Coffee

Favourite animal: Small dogs

Favourite film: Dirty Dancing

Favourite songs by: Ed Sheeran

A huge thank you

The biggest ‘thank you’ goes out to everyone who supported us last term.

We have managed to raise a fantastic total of £1030 from our fundraising events and activities including our pumpkin hunt, Christmas Fayre, Fire-fighter collection bags and from Tempest Photographers – we couldn’t (and can’t keep doing this) without your help and we greatly appreciate all the help you offer.

We are a charity and these funds are vital to enable us to continue to offer new and exciting activities to the children to support their learning.

Packed Lunches:

Please may we remind all parents not to provide sweets in their child’s packed lunch boxes – this will support our healthy eating policy within nursery. Also please be mindful of ‘use by dates’ and on items included and please no nut products. Our ‘Packed lunches guidelines ‘are available. upon request.

Emergency closures

Only in severe weather, maintenance break down or staffing issues would we need to close – all parents will be informed ASAP via text message and facebook post – please can you confirm receipt when you receive a message. Thank you.