An effective partnership between home and Pre-school is an essential aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and we want to enable you to be as involved as much possible in your child’s education.

For this reason we would like to reinforce the importance of your child’s home diary. This is vital for us to help learn about your unique child.


Assessment in the Early Years is ongoing and is largely anecdotal, for example, recording what a child has said or done during their play and exploration, to demonstrate new skills or knowledge.

As children spend a considerable amount of their time at home with family members, they will naturally demonstrate newly acquired knowledge and skills in the home environment.

In order for us to accurately build a picture of your child’s learning and development, and plan their next steps effectively, we would be very grateful if you could regularly input information into their home diary about what he/she gets up to at home. What they are playing with most at the moment? Have they been poorly? not sleeping very well… ? Been playing with a particular friend…? Have they been anywhere since their last session…? These are the types of things we would like to hear about in the home diary, we are then able to speak to your child about this and hopefully support them (and you!). Any information is more beneficial than none at all.

We have some boards, where we display notices we would like you to see and take note of, they can also be sued for your purpose should you have anything to sell or let other parents know about but this must be discussed with the manager.

On the boards you may find the following:

v  Holiday lists

v  Colour group lists

v  Committee information

v  Events taking place

v  Medical notices: head lice, chickenpox and any contagious disease you should be notified of when we have a case.

v  Anything to do about the group’s needs: volunteers and workers

We recommend you refer to these boards often as a notice may be put up after you have dropped your child/children off at the group.

Please note displayed in the secure notice board on the wall in the corridor and reception room you will see:

The groups Ofsted Registration Certificate showing the number we are registered to take. The groups URN number which parents may need to complete financial support forms.

The group’s Insurance Certificate showing liability and the company we are insured with and the valid dates of insurance.

Other certificates include: Fire safety instructions / Electrical appliance test certificate we have to prove all our electrical equipment has been checked out annually.

Displayed are the staff caring for your child including students and voluntary helpers.

We will issue Notices in your child’s diaries and this may be daily so please read them, then we issue Newsletters termly and would recommend you keep them on a notice board of your own at home or record any dates of events i.e. holidays fundraising events in a diary.

Home Diaries: to be shared between home and nursery, please keep them safe, and bring to every session your child attends, read and comment in them to share information.