Two Year Old Funding Only – Term after 2nd Birthday – to access 15 hours a week.

If you think you may be entitled to a 15 hours free place contact Darlington ‘People and Families’ information Support: Tel: 08009172121 / email:


2 Year Old Funding: consists of 5 x (3) hour sessions a week totaling 15 hrs per week over 38 weeks a year.   if you meet the Government’s criteria entitlement starts the term after your child’s 2nd birthday – We can’t offer a pace unless you have a letter to confirm your entitlement, we can offer to carry out the check, with your permission, please ask management.

Three & Four Year Old Funding – consists of 5 x (3) hour sessions a week totaling 15 hrs per week over 38 weeks a year, entitlement starts the term after your child’s 3rd  birthday.

Early Tears Pupil Premium (EYPP) your child may be entitled to this extra funding in nursery and you or the nursery can make checks to find out and you may be asked to complete a questionnaire, to give your permission, this extra funding approx. 16p per hour will go towards extra support your child may need and will allow the nursery to fund such support.

Please check with management if your child’s entitlement start for e.g if your child is three before:-

Autumn Term 31st August

Spring Term 31st December

Summer Term 31st March

Unfortunately this may mean your child may just miss out if their birthday falls on the 1st September / 1st January respectfully they will not receive it until the spring term / Parents will have to continue paying fees until this time. Please note fees are payable if your child leaves our nursery before the local authority role-day = please ask when they occur as this is written into the Pre-schools /parent contracts.

When considering a place against say a maintained nursery consider our ratios which are very good and our setting is more social for parents and children not as structured in compliance and our parents can take up the sessions they want.

We have links with other settings and schools as we pass on all legal documentation i.e. Early Years Foundation Stage Summative records and evidence during transitions.

DATA PROTECTION All information kept is stored correctly according to the Data Protection act 1998, we will give you notice of fare practice when we ask for any information for our records or the records required for census collection by Darlington Children’s Services and the Government.

Period of Notice and Termination If you wish to withdraw your child from Nursery we will require written details of the reason and that you provide us with two weeks’ notice or two weeks fees in lieu of notice.  And if a child is pulled out to attend a maintained after they have started a term and before roll day then we will charge you fees for this time.

St. Mark’s Pre-school also reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any child and will give two weeks written notice.

When your child is due to transfer to another setting we also require written notice of your child’s last session, the reason for leaving and where your child is transferring too in order the transfer their documentation and helps a smooth transition for all concerned.