Helping you to understand how our sessions run on the mornings and afternoons.

7.30am – 8.30am the staff set up all the equipment you see.

8.30am-9.30am/12.00/12.45pm our children start arriving depending on their entitlement and agreed sessions.

8.30am Gate is opened to let in arrival of parents and carers, children continue to arrive up until 9.30am / 1.pm.

Between 8.30-9.30am / 12.00 – 1.00pm Registration takes place and the children’s attendance is marked on the register,

9.15am /1.15pm Adult led group times may occur and the children will be encouraged to join in discussions on any interest shown by the children or a theme we wish to explore for the day/week. by sharing their interests and experiences encourages communication and self-esteem. This time also supports staff in reinforcing the rules and boundaries, set by the children, if you wish to know more on them they are always on display around the setting.

9.00am/1.00pm free play and the occasional adult led activity / outdoor play / snacks / observations of children on their learning journeys.

At any time children may go into groups: (2yr olds)  (3 year olds) our Butterflies (3 ½- 4yrs) or it may be by ability to help support them in their learning.

Phase (1) letters and sound activities including ‘Rhyme times’ and story times which are encouraged throughout the sessions and opportunity to come together for a sing song , a favourite story and to share any achievements i.e. models they have made, any drawings they have created,  in readiness for home time.

11.30am / 12.00 / 3.15pm we hand over the children to parents and carers who have permission to collect: please refer to and follow the Collecting procedure policy.

Please note: all of our equipment is stored away after every session, (we are a Pack-away setting), please do not be disturbed if you arrive and all the equipment is away.

We encourage all of our children to be involved in clearing away (“we call it ‘Tidy up Time”) we play music which alerts the children that its time to start putting equipment away.   The children learn a great deal from this experience and in no way does it affect their Learning. It helps to encourage them to take pride in their environment.