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You may be just finding out about our provision by looking at this website for the first time and may not have visited the setting but please be assured you will receive a warm and friendly welcome from all staff, we hope you find this website a helpful guide in helping you in your decisions. If you have visited and have chosen a place at our nursery for your child, thank you.

What about us…St. Mark’s Pre-school playgroup is an established setting of 31 years. We provide childcare in the hall of St. Mark’s Church, we are not run by the church but we do rent the hall from them. We are a registered not for profit charity with a committee made up of parents and staff and means we are part of the (VIP) in particular the Voluntary sector within Early Years in Darlington.

If we could we would choose to be called a nursery and do use this during communications due to the Pre-conceptions of a Pre-school Playgroup some not all parents have. To assure you, there are differences as some early years settings are in purpose built or may be attached to a school, they will have teacher on site. To reassure you our provision is based on the same Statuary Framework for Early Years as are all Early Years settings.

We have qualified staff, and at the end of the telephone we have a child development officer and advisory teacher with Darlington Borough Council and have in place with them the relevant two year old and three and four olds contracts.

We are registered to take children 2 years to school starting age at 5 and can take 26 children per session 52 per day. We would like to point out that keeping your child at our nursery would not affect your chance of getting them into a primary school of your choice, all parents must apply for a place in a primary school and do not automatically get accepted due to attending a maintained / Academy nursery attached to a school.

Our nursery has lasted this long due to the dedication shown by management, committee which come and go and all practitioners who provide continuity of care.

We are a registered group with Ofsted and the charity commission and you will find our registration numbers on the address page and find our certificate displayed in the secure notice boards and parent and carer display under the canopy of the setting. We are on the childcare register with Darlington’s Peoples and Families Information Support; this means you will be entitled to receive funding for your child’s place the term after their 2nd, 3rd or 4th birthday should you meet criteria. Your child/ren will have the opportunity to have currently 15 hours per week depending on you meeting the criteria which can be taken over a variety of sessions per week but this is your choice as you don’t have to take up all of the sessions/ hours if you don’t want to, we offer flexibility.

If your child is starting with us and they are not in this criteria there is a cost set by the setting for the provision which matches what we receive per child from the government and you can find this information under fees..

“The government is introducing new ways to help parents with childcare costs”

“Whether you have toddlers or teens, you could get support”

If you would like #30hours FREE Childcare in January.

You can do so by Applying here: Childcare Choices | HM Government

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